Yellow Warning Tapes With Inscription "FRAUD". Isolated

Confirming IRS Call Legitimacy

With all the fraud schemes circulating on the internet and by telephone, it’s hard to know what is legitimate anymore. Some of our associates recently attended a presentation by the Kansas City area IRS Stakeholder Liaison and gathered some very helpful information we’d like to share. It was recommended that if you receive a call from the “IRS”, you should ask for the following information:

  • Agent’s Full Name
  • Agent’s Badge Number
  • Agent’s office location
  • Agent’s supervisor’s name
  • Agent’s phone number
  • Supervisor’s phone number

A real agent should not hesitate to provide this information and will wait for you to call them back after confirming they are legit. Once you gather the above information, contact an IRS Stakeholder Liaison to verify the agent’s legitimacy (see below for contact info).

Kansas Missouri
Eden Holsman Melody Green
913.722.7551 314.339.1529


It’s important to keep in mind that some IRS units will make phone calls, especially those trying to resolve identity theft tax fraud cases. The IRS has also recently announced a new private debt collection program that will drive additional legitimate phone calls regarding IRS issues (click here to learn more about the new program). Being cautious can help prevent you from identity theft and other fraud schemes.