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New Fraud Scheme Involving CP 2000 Notices

The latest fraud scheme involves a phony IRS CP 2000 Notice and isn’t just affecting computer users.

What is CP 2000? The IRS notice claims, “the income and/or payment information we have on file doesn’t match the information you reported on your tax return. This could affect your tax return; it may cause an increase or decrease in your tax, or may not change it at all.”

Seasoned criminals are sending out bogus versions of IRS Form CP 2000 via email, text and postal mail in order to extort cash and install malware on computers. The letter accompanying the notice even mentions the Affordable Care Act, in attempt to further confuse and put the recipient on edge. A legitimate CP 2000 Notice contains several pages, including instructions on how to respond to the notice.

If you receive a CP 2000 Notice that you believe may be fraudulent or receive a phone call regarding the notice, do not respond in any way. Call the IRS at 800-366-4484 to confirm the legitimacy of the notice before taking any further action.