Hotel Accounting and Payroll

Specializing in hospitality accounting and payroll since the 1960s

You’ll find an experienced team at Mize Houser who have been providing hotel accounting and payroll services since the 1960s. Our very first hotel clients asked for help with back office support for their new hotel purchase, which quickly grew to over 80 hotels and 100 restaurants.

We know that food and beverage costs, tipping, overtime regulations and other operational challenges can keep you from focusing on your biggest priority – your guests.

At Mize Houser, we help in the areas of accounting, payroll and consulting services so owners can focus on creating a positive guest experience. We work with owners to build budgets, provide them with the information they need to keep a tight rein on beverage and food costs and manage employee payroll. And because your business operates 24/7, we offer a cloud-based accounting and financial tool to give you immediate access to your accounting and payroll information whenever you need it. Our team includes experienced tax professionals who can help you minimize your tax obligations.

If you spend too much time in your office and not enough time managing your hotel operations, we can help. Get to know our Leadership Team and contact us to talk about your business.

“We manage over 20 locations across the country, which includes paying employees and vendors, payroll and sales tax reporting and producing financial statements. We’ve opted to do the work for some properties in-house and outsource the rest. This reduces our exposure to the risk of needing to ramp our staff and systems up or down as we add or reduce the number of properties we manage. Mize Houser has been a good partner in this strategy.”

- Gary Liebergen, CFO, True North Hotel Group

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