Loan rates are updated weekly. These were the published rate as of 7/11/2018.

Lender Fixed Rate
3 Year
Fixed Rate
5 Year
Fixed Rate
7 Year
Fixed Rate
10 Year
Bank of America
Merrill Lynch
4.86% 4.99% 5.05% 5.14% 4.48%
Chase McDonald’s Finance 4.87% 5.07% 5.12% 5.22% 4.17%
Citizens Bank Please contact Citizens Bank directly (via link to left)
Commerce Bank
(Heartland Region)

4.85% 4.99% 5.07% –% 4.20%
Please contact PNC   directly (via link to left)
Regions Bank
Please contact Regions Bank directly (via link to left)
SunTrust Bank  4.87%  5.07% 5.13%  5.24% 4.15%
 US Bank 4.83% 4.93% 5.08% 5.25% 4.22%
 Wells Fargo 4.76%  5.03%  5.22% 5.39% 3.96%
Wintrust Bank Please contact Wintrust Bank directly (via link to left)
The rates above apply to McDonald’s franchise lending. These loan rates are summarized for your convenience and may not be the current rates of each bank. Actual rates may differ based on borrower’s financial criteria and lender requirements. You should obtain a quote that is specific to your unique financing request.

Please contact US Bank directly (via link to left)