A Sophisticated Cyberattack

The insurance company Anthem reported a breach of their computer system this week, potentially exposing confidential information such as name, Social Security number, date of birth, member ID, address, and employment information for as many as 80 million subscribers. Anthem has indicated they will be notifying their members in the coming days of identity theft protection they will be offering, as well as any further steps affected individuals should take.

Soon after Anthem’s announcement, it was reported that a bogus email was being sent out purportedly from Anthem offering credit monitoring services for those who click the embedded link. Phone calls have also been reported that target current and former Anthem members. Anthem has indicated that no notifications have been sent from them since the initial notification on February 4, 2015, and that they plan to provide information to affected consumers through snail mail in the coming weeks.

Cybercriminals pounce on opportunities like this one, and may have taken advantage of Anthem’s announcement to lure unsuspecting victims. After all, if you’re an Anthem subscriber, you wouldn’t be surprised to see an email offering identity theft protection. So always be suspicious and double check before clicking on any links or opening attachments in emails that come to you, even if they’re from a trusted source.