Android Phones Continue to be a Hacker Favorite

According to a recent story on “The Street”, smartphones using the Android operating system are the most likely to be hacked.

Omar Khan of NQ Mobile says that 95% of all mobile malware targets Android phones due to the platform’s open access to hackers. Smartphones provide a lot of your personal information to cyber criminals, including your location, credit card information, and your social networking profiles – all of which hackers can use for profit. He offers these ways to protect yourself:

  • Always use a password/code to lock your smartphone
  • Be very aware of the links you click on in your emails, texts, and on websites and the attachments you open – be sure they’re from a legitimate source
  • Consider downloading mobile security software (similar to antivirus programs for your PC)
  • Be cautious about downloading applications

Android phones are very popular, but with that popularity comes attention from cyber criminals. Be sure to protect yourself!