Breaking News: “Heartbleed” Bug Affects Internet Users

You may have heard about the Heartbleed bug, which is a security flaw that was recently publicized. It affects the technology used to encrypt sensitive information – you’re probably most familiar with its use in URLs that begin with “https://” and have a lock icon. It’s known as SSL/TLS, and OpenSSL is one of the most popular versions. If exploited, this vulnerability could be utilized by a hacker to view your private information including names, passwords, and the content of secure websites. It’s estimated that two-thirds of active websites on the internet run Open SSL, so many of the websites you access have probably been affected.

Here at Mize Houser, we took immediate action to patch our system and change our security certificates. We recommend that you change your password on your Mize Houser applications such as Web Tools and the Employee Portal now in order to protect your account. You should also consider changing your passwords on all the internet applications you access, though it has been suggested by some security experts that users may want to hold off changing passwords until those websites confirm that they have installed patches.