Looking to Change Your Accounting System?

Stephanie Luke
Marketing Manager

A recent article in CPATrendlines highlighted a survey, conducted by accounting technology research firm Software Advice, which analyzed the current accounting solutions in use by small-medium sized businesses (SMB) and the companies’ likelihood of changing the systems they use. The results indicated that:

  • 46% use on-premise software
  • 18% outsource
  • 16% use cloud-based software
  • 1% use “other”
  • And amazingly, 20% use manual methods (pen, paper and spreadsheets!)

The survey further looked for the confidence level SMBs have in cloud-based software and their propensity to move to a solution of this type. Over half of the respondents expressed moderate to high levels of confidence. And relative to the environment of their next accounting system, 76% of the respondents had no preference for a cloud-based or on-site solution.

Based on the many discussions we’ve had with clients and prospects, the reasons they look for a new system relate to goals for improved functionality and efficiency. These goals include:

  1. Greater system integration, reducing the need to “re-key” information
  2. Movement to a “less paper” environment
  3. Greater functionality, reducing the need for multiple systems
  4. And improved reporting capabilities

Our web tools were designed to address these goals for accounts payable, payroll and financial reporting. The fact that our system is web-based is a bonus – the responsibilities for upgrades and high-availability rest with us. Add to that the training and support our accounting staff supplies and you have a highly functional accounting solution that is High Tech and High Touch.

To learn more, contact Steph Luke at sluke@mizehouser.com.