Update on Internet Explorer Vulnerability

On Monday, April 28, the Department of Homeland Security advised using an alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer until the company fixed a security flaw. On Thursday, May 1, Microsoft released an update that included this fix. If you are using Internet Explorer, please reach out to your IT department or vendor to ensure that all necessary updates have been made to your computer. If you do not have IT resources, make certain all current updates have been applied using the ‘Windows Update’ function on your computer, which can be accessed from the Control Panel.

Our Web Tools and Employee Portal sites are optimized for Internet Explorer versions 9 and higher. Effective August 8, 2014, we will not allow access to our Client Portal (Web Tools) or our Employee Portal with versions of Internet Explorer older than version 9. Microsoft officially ended support for these older versions on April 8, 2014. Now is the time to upgrade off of Windows XP. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter!

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