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How do you track mileage and other tax deductions? There’s an app for that!

Certainly one of the biggest headaches for you is tracking expenses like mileage, charitable contributions and credit card information. There’s no shortage of apps to help you make filing taxes and claiming deductions easier. While we don’t endorse specific apps, we can point to a few that are highly rated and receive good reviews from our clients.

Expense, Miles & Time Tracking

According to, the most highly rated app is Expensify, an expense tracking program that allows you to track expenses, miles traveled and time. It will also integrate with many CRM systems and if you travel internationally, Expensify will convert currencies. You can also use the GPS feature to track miles traveled during a business trip.

Another highly rated app is Xpenditure, which performs many of the same functions as Expensify, with the exception of the GPS feature for tracking mileage. An additional feature which can be very helpful is a strong OCR scanning technology to quickly scan and store business cards.

BizXpense Tracker is another option to track business expenses although you have to back up data on your own since a web account isn’t offered. Experts also ding BizXpense tracker for occasional hiccups with the quality of the OCR scanning which often misreads receipts and enters incorrect information.

MileiQ uses automatic drive detection to make it easy to capture mileage. You can categorize mileage by business, charitable, and personal and save other details like parking fees and tolls.

DeductR claims you can “spend more time and less money making memories and less on taxes.” How you ask? DeductR provides real-time tax savings with a calculator that shows you savings with every entry. It also allows you to automatically track income and expenses with your bank account or credit cards.

Charitable Deductions

Doing good feels good. And it will feel even better if you have accurate records of donations, mileage and other contributions.

ItsDeductible Donation Tracker gives you the power to track the deductions allowed for your charitable acts. However, you need to complete a profile to access the ItsDeductible Donation Tracker.

If you’ve ever questioned the value of the bag of clothes you just dropped off, iDonatedIt gives iPhone users the power to track and value non-cash charitable donations. For Android users, there’s TaxAct Donation Assistant. The app allows you to easily value a donated item (clothing, household, etc.) You can also attach a photo to the specific donated item for proof.  TaxAct Donation Assistant also allows you to sort donations by charity.

If you’re comfortable letting go of your box of receipts and mileage books, using a mobile app can certainly save you a lot of time (and also make your accountant happy at tax time!).