Our Focus on Technology

Mize Houser’s founders embraced technology in the 1960’s, making us one of the first accounting firms in the country to serve clients using computers. Our commitment to technology continues today as we’ve grown to one of the largest firms in the country, with clients in over 40 states.

Strategic Consulting
Because of our IT heritage, we’re often consulted when an organization is at an “IT crossroad”. We’ll ask questions to understand your needs and staff capabilities and offer recommendations based on our insight and experiences. Whether it’s providing recommendations on disaster recovery, business continuity, network design or new hardware or software, we’ll take an unbiased approach and be with you every step of the way.

Cloud Hosting
We were “in the cloud” before anyone knew what that meant, having hosted client applications via various methods since 1978. This is one of the greatest benefits of our web-based system. Clients have a full accounting, payroll and bill payment package at their fingertips without needing all the IT resources to support it.

Application Development/System Integration
Our programming team works on both client and Mize Houser projects, ranging from developing state-of-the-art programs for the insurance industry to continuous enhancements to our proprietary web-based systems. In addition to developing software, our team is also experienced in system conversions, implementations and integration.

Network Services
With over 220 Mize Houser associates, our network services team is kept busy with internal needs. Recognizing that our clients have similar needs but may not have their own IT resources, our network services team also goes to client locations to help them in various areas such as firewalls, software, hardware, virus protection and more.

To learn more about our IT services and talk about how we can help your organization, contact Kevin Pelton at 785.233.0536.

“Our technology solution has gone from a real mess to a wonderful situation. The Mize Houser IT team even helped us analyze one of our software applications and renegotiated with the provider to cut back on the modules we didn’t need – so we pay less.”

- Pam Trusdale, Executive Director, National Association of Trailer Manufacturers

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