Technical Tax Services

You’ve just opened a very official looking document from the IRS or your state/local government – and your blood pressure spikes! Even reading through the letter may not be much help and all you can think is “What have we done?” and “How bad is this?”

Call us. And then forward the scary letter to us.

As a firm, we focus our efforts on helping our clients be “in compliance” – but if our clients receive governmental notices, we call in our Technical Tax Team to get them resolved. Our Technical Tax Team will interpret the notice, inform our client of what they need to know and how to respond – and then follow up until the issue is resolved.

You can look to our Technical Tax Team for help in the following areas:

  • Payroll, sales and use tax related notices
  • 1099 reporting and/or consulting
  • Property tax renditions
  • Unclaimed property reporting
  • Sales and Use tax return preparation
  • IRS employment tax audit representation
  • State and local government audit representation

So when you receive one of those scary letters, just send it to us. Our Technical Tax Team has the experience and processes in place to handle the letter efficiently and with minimum interruption to you.

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