Accounts Payable Manager/IT Specialist

Sandi manages Mize Houser’s Bill Payment department, which provides outsourced back office support to clients in a variety of industries, the majority being quick service restaurants.

She also acts as an intermediary between our IT department and our Accounting Services, Payroll and Bill Payment departments. This role allows her to gather valuable information on requested system enhancements made by our clients and our associates, which she then translates into project requests for our IT department.

Over the years, Sandi has helped our IT department with several internal software rollouts and she also provides demonstrations of our accounting, payroll and accounts payable software to our prospective clients.

Northern Hills Baptist Church, Treasurer and volunteer teacher

In her free time, Sandi owns and operates a small business with her husband that sells and services antique sewing machines as well as restores and creates stained glass. She has also traveled to nearly all 50 United States.

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