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Kansas Form 1099G to be Corrected

If you’ve received a Form 1099G from the State of Kansas, the Kansas Department of Revenue has announced that you will soon receive a corrected form in the mail. On Monday January 23, the department discovered that some of the 1099Gs sent out for 2016 listed refund amounts that were incorrect. Therefore, they will be reissuing approximately 380,000 forms. The Department of Revenue has indicated that only the paper forms mailed to taxpayers were incorrect, but that the information reported to the IRS was accurate. New forms will be marked CORRECTED on the form and envelope and will be mailed by Monday, January 31.

Form 1099G report government payments for the following items:

  • unemployment compensation;
  • state or local income tax refunds, credits, or offsets;
  • reemployment trade adjustment assistance (RTAA) payments;
  • taxable grants;
  • agricultural payments; or
  • payments on a Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) loan.