James Poore, McDonald's Franchisee, Restaurant Owner/operator

James Poore, McDonald’s, and Mize

We own four restaurants, my wife and I now. And I’ve been an owner-operator for 16 years. This honestly was not something that I pursued. There was an owner-operator in our community that saw some of the things I was doing in the community and approached me with the opportunity. So once I learned about it, it was certainly something that got me excited and I wanted to pursue.

I love the McDonald’s business. I love that every day is different. The opportunity to work with a lot of our crew and our managers on training and development, and seeing people really blossom into what they can be is really what gets me excited.

I’ve been with Mize Houser from day one. Yes, so I’ve been with them the entire way. They’ve been a great partner the entire 16 years I’ve been in the system. Mize Houser provides all the services — all of our back office, they do our payroll and everything. You know, I just think the biggest thing is when our business got difficult, I appreciated having Mize Houser there as my partner, who was able to coach me through and walk me through the process. And I just love the opportunity to make one phone call and whatever I need I can get it through Mize Houser.

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