Our Focus on Closely-held Businesses

Trusted business tax and accounting services for your business

The life goals of a business owner are most often achieved through his or her business – and the close relationships we have with our clients enable us to get to know them. Through long-term strategic business planning, we work together to help them achieve their goals.

Since 1956, our focus has been on the owners of small to medium-sized, owner-managed businesses. Our clients benefit from the depth of experience we have across our staff members but what they tell us they value most is the time they spend with our shareholders. Whether it’s with tax planning, consulting, auditing, succession planning or even the touchy aspect of dynamics in a family business, our shareholders are an integral part of every engagement. We only work with private companies because we agree that the “business owner to business owner” relationships we develop benefit both us and our clients.

Your accountant should ask insightful questions to learn your personal and business goals and provide you with strategies for achieving them. Learn more about the services we provide to closely-held businesses and get to know our Leadership Team.

“I’ve found that everything can be addressed through Mize Houser. My first call is to James Hilbert. He understands my business and personal goals and if he can’t answer my question, he refers me to someone else at Mize Houser who can. The right hand knows what the left hand is doing!”

- Beth Anne Branden, President, BA Designs, LLC

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