Our Focus on Bill Payment Services


Paying your bills shouldn’t be painful. Our bill payment services incorporate the latest technologies and save you time, money and greatly reduce the risk of fraud on your bank accounts. Invoices are scanned and emailed to us or sent directly from your vendor. You have the flexibility to pay invoices when and how you want to and have as much control as you want over the bill payment process. Our cloud-based bill pay system allows you to:

  • Pay vendors with ACH or virtual credit card–and earn rebates (see video above)
  • Retain invoices as scanned images rather than keeping paper copies
  • Streamline your 1099 reporting
  • Easily access vendor history and payments

Our systems are fully integrated, and invoices are automatically posted to the general ledger and the monthly financial statements in real-time. You’re able to drill down to the accounts payable detail and a copy of the scanned invoice from the check register, the general ledger, and the monthly financial statement.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help simplify your bill payment process.

"The bill pay system is slick. We approve the invoices to be paid and send them off to Mize Houser. And I can see everything online – from the invoices waiting to be paid, to the checks that have been written. Plus from the interactive financial statements, I can drill down to see the details that make up an expense account – clear down to the scanned copy of the invoice."

- Pat Grogan, President and Chief Plumber in Charge, Pat the Plumber

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