Manufacturing Audit and Accounting Services

Focus on your manufacturing operations while we handle the rest

Not too long ago, you were probably more focused on keeping your plant and machinery running. Today you are dealing with ensuring efficiencies with your processes, recruiting and managing employees, federal and state regulations and balancing productivity with quality. We understand the pressures you’re facing.

We help you focus on operations while we focus on the big financial picture. How can Mize Houser help?

Improve cash flow. We can look at your job costing and provide you with meaningful forecasts and consulting to improve the stability of your cash flow.

Maximize potential financial benefits when purchasing new equipment and technology. Before you make an investment, we can work with you to identify potential tax credits, lease/purchase scenarios and other potential financial options.

Transition your business to the next generation or new owners. We’re with you every step of the way to give you options to help with this important transition, minimizing your tax obligations in the process.

A few of the services we provide include:

If you find yourself spending too much time in your office and not enough time focused on your operation, contact us to talk about how we can help.

"Our relationship with Mize Houser goes back 30-40 years. In fact, I don’t know if anyone here remembers a “before Mize Houser” era. Their understanding of manufacturing in general and our operation in particular makes them a resource we rely on."

- Jim Mowder, Treasurer, The Lawrence Paper Company

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